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Our Children Deserve a Future

Right now, around 40,000 kids in our own backyard are living in poverty. If you believe it's time for a second opinion, join me and let's get to work.


Our Elected Officials Have Failed Us

Our community is not well. We lead the nation in overdose deaths, the highest poverty rate amongst large cities – with over 50% of children in the Cleveland area living in poverty, and we have neighborhoods where over 66% of adults are functionally illiterate.

I am running for Congress to address the healthcare disparities that are robbing our children of a future.

– Seth Corey, MD

A Fighting Chance for America's Future

The only thing Cleveland politicians are leading us in is overdose deaths and poverty rates.

Over 114,000 people in Cleveland, almost half of them children, are living in poverty. These numbers are likely even higher now due to Covid-19.

Seth will use his experience as a physician on the front lines of this pandemic to serve as a voice for the people in our communities to advocate for our unique needs.

Seth will work to build an America that works for everyone, where our children have a future and people don't have to make the choice between feeding their kids or keeping the lights on.


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